Laura Carder for School Board

Encourage Work Ethic for Youths

During summer vacation, in June and early July, is cherry-picking. Later there are apples and plums. During that time while fruits and vegetables are being harvested at farms and orchards, there ought to be work camps for youth over age 12 or 14 that would last a couple weeks to a month for different groups. They can work 3 to 6 hours a day for no more than 15-30 hours/week, depending on age. Then they could go swimming at the nearest lake or river, go horseback riding, go on a hay-ride, sing songs, play music, and have a barn dance in the evening a couple times a week. Wouldn't that be fun? Similar opportunities can be for college students, and older adults, for up to 40 hours/week. What did farm families do for work and fun a century ago? This could be an educational experience for today's youth.

Let's not have guest workers to do work Americans want and are qualified to do or can be trained. There are enough Americans qualified or can be trained beyond related education to do the high-tech work. There are also Americans with disabilities who can work certain jobs. Why bring in foreigners to do work these Americans can and want to do?

Those on disability should be allowed to work and earn money without losing all their benefits. Up to 90% of their wages should be deducted from their benefits. At least half of those on disability can work certain jobs, at least part-time. Hopefully, they can become financially independent from the government.

For the private sector, there should be more independence in hiring, as long as their employees all have valid Social Security Numbers, or some ID indicating they have the right to work here. In other words, they must be here legally. (I understand the concern Libertarians and Constitutionalists have concerning SS# and E-Verify. If you are one, what is your solution?)

Improve our economy by keeping our jobs here

I blame job outsourcing on lack of talent due to poor education in our schools, and greed, both corporate and union. Corporations want to make more profit, and unions want higher wages, more benefits, and then price themselves out of business, especially for manufacturing jobs. I'm for boycotting products made in China, if possible.

We should see what taxes and regulations can be cut or eliminated. How about tax breaks for small businesses, or B&O tax be based on profit rather than revenue?


Our children need to learn correct grammar and spelling as well as creative writing and reading comprehension. Learning a foreign language should also be encouraged.

Traditional math helped put man on the moon. It is less complicated and more effective than modern Math which can be confusing even for me, with a BA in Math. Today, our children don't do nearly as well academically as children in other industrialized nations. Back in the 60s, we tried to "keep up with the Russians". What happened to that spirit?

Intelligent Design vs Macro Evolution

Science must be based on the Scientific Method and not be used for social engineering. If Evolution is taught, so should Creation Science, or Science of Intelligent Design. I'm not suggesting students should be taught that God created in a literal 144 hours. But that could be open for discussion, including how light from the stars light-years away could reach Earth in such a short time. Many believe God used evolution for His Creation. "A day to God" could be "a thousand years to us". Macro Evolution (from one species to one more evolved such as Darwin's) is only a theory. It violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (entropy) and the Law of Biogenesis. It is the atheists way of explaining origins without a Creator. Creation Science acknowledges a Designer far more intelligent than we. How could the complex DNA, the blueprint of the life form, as an example among many, come about by billions of years of Natural Selection? Even whatever circumstantial evidence that may lead to Macro Evolution, like the similarities of human and chimpanzee, does not negate the Intelligent Designer.

Micro Evolution (within the species), or the "Law of the Jungle", is proven, therefore scientific. As far as I know, all mutations have been within the species, and are rarely beneficial. If you cross a species with another, like a horse with a donkey resulting in a mule, the offspring is steril. Since a human and a chimpanzee are off by one chromosome, what happens if you cross them?

The Old Testament of the Bible stated somewhere (I saw it but I don't remember where) that the Earth is ball-shaped, and there was reference to ocean currents. Job 41 describes a Leviathon, a sea monster similar to a dragon or a dinasaur. These are scientific facts written a few thousand years ago but publically accepted only within few hundred years. Intelligent Design is not only about religion, it's about logic. If you truly are pro-choice, surely you would favor allowing each student to choose which theory to accept.


As future voters of America, our children need to learn the Constitution and how our government is structured. The Declaration of Independence states that our basic rights come from the Creator. Are our children taught that, or is teaching it considered to be a violation of the "separation of church and state"? Are they taught that ours is a republican form of government, or is it a democracy? (U.S. Constitution, Article IV Section 4)

Health Care

Who is responsible for your health? Is it you and the doctor you select? Or is it the Government and the doctors the Government selects for you? Who is responsible for your children's health? The answer to those questions is YOU! You choose what you feed yourself and your children, when they are with you. You can choose to exercise and eat nutritious food, or you can choose to smoke, booze, or sit while watching TV and eat junk food washed down with Coca Cola, all which could cause health problems. Of course genetics, stress, amount of sleep, and attitude, also affect your health. There is no guarantee that a healthy life-style will prevent any illness, but it would at least help boost your body's immunity so you don't get sick as often or as severely.

Health care and medical care are not the same. Those of you with "health" insurance, does it pay, at least partially, for any natural remedies, or does it pay for pharmaceuticals (drugs) which might not be as safe or effective? What if you hurt your back and all it is, is a pinched nerve which can be very painful? (I know from personal experience). Does your doctor recommend a chiropractor? Or does he prescribe a pain-killer? If all you need is the right kind of stretching exercise does your doctor recommend it? If drugs are the "solution", then you're getting medical not health care, in my opinion.

America is the most drugged nation in the world. Take a drug for a headache, now you get a stomach ache. Take a drug for a stomach ache, now you feel dizzy. Take a drug for dizziness, and on and on. What if some edible weed not only relieves the headache without those side-effects, but it also helps your body heal by treating the cause? Would your doctor recommend it? Well if he knows about it and truly cares about your health, perhaps. I think all med students should also be taught nutrition, including natural remedies.

Newsmax sent an email about a plant the grows in the Amazon which they claim is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy in treating cancer. Hey, even only 10 times would still be good. According to the article, "For seven years a major U.S. pharmaceutical company knew of an astounding cancer killer--but decided to tell nobody about it...ever!!" Why? Because they cannot patent a natural product, therefore there is no money in it. Do your think they really care about your health? Why should they? They thrive on you being sick! Now don't get me wrong. Drugs are often very effective in killing bacteria, other germs, and infection that could kill you, perhaps more effective than natural remedies. Otherwise, pharmaceutical companies could not stay in business. But what a savings it could be for us if we not only took better care of ourselves, but also knew about and used natural remedies that work!