for State Representative, District 3, Position 2

As your State Representative, I will do my best to preserve your constitutional rights and your individual liberties. I will not vote to raise your taxes. "Let Washington be
the worst state to commit crime and
the best state to start a business."
(Dino Rossi, who should have been Governor, 2008)

Reason for Running

There is too much nonsense going on in our governments at most levels and we need more leaders and representatives determined to bring back common sense. Instead of complaining about it, I would like to be in the position where I can do something about it, and I can't do that with our current representation in the 3rd District.

What Makes Your Uniquely Qualified for This Position?

I am registered to vote in this district, which is the only qualification needed, according to our State Constitution, but so are tens of thousands of others. In 2012, we had excellent Republican candidates running for all 3 positions. This year, I am the only Republican. The Libertarians would be better than those there now in protecting our God-given Constitutional rights. To those there now, we could never be taxed enough to meet the growing demands.


Major Objectives

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Telephone: (509) 599-9414 (cell)
E-Mail: laura_carder@juno.com